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Anti-UV Protection Day Cream SPF 8 Plus 50ml

- Prevents optimally against the harmful effects of the sun and other external aggressions.
- Effective against moisture loss and strengthens the skin by the vitamin complex.
- Provides daily protection against the formation of dark spots.
Active Agents: UV-A-filters , UV-B-filters , Vitamin E , Vitamin E , Silk proteins , Shea butter , Chlorella , Artemia Salina

18,00 € Add

Cleansing Milk 200ml

- Removes make-up and dust particles gently and thouroughly.
- Optimum cleansing for the normal to mature skin.
- Cleanses and cares.
- The high quality Rose-Oil enchants your senses with a tender scent.

Active Agents: Avocado oil , Rose Damascena , DayMoist® , Artemia Salina , Chlorella

18,00 € Add

Cream blue Sensitive Plus 50ml

- Has a soothing, cooling and regenerating effect on the skin.
- Has also an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.
Active Agents: Azulene , Rose Damascena , Perhydrosquale , Liquorice root , Shea butter , Chlorella , Artemia Salina

22,00 € Add

Crème Rosée Vital Plus 50ml

- An ideal night care for demanding skin.
- Activating.
- Gives the skin a rosy appearance.
- The skin gets back its energy and vitality.
Active Agents: Wheat germ oil , Borage Seed Oil , Macadamia nut oil , Ginseng , Rose Damascena , Vitamin A , Vitamin E , Perhydrosquale , Chlorella , Artemia Salina

22,00 € Add

Day Cream with Collagen Plus 50ml

- Firms the skin.
- Reduces wrinkles.
- Significant increase in the moisture binding capacity.
- Soothing and anti-inflammatory.
- Suitable as a make-up-base.

Active Agents: Collagen , Perhydrosquale , Calendula oil , Sesame-seed oil , Chlorella , Artemia Salina

18,00 € Add

Eye Balm 30ml

- 24-hour eye care.
- Cooling, soothing, decongesting and lifting.
Active Agents: Bio-hyaluronic acid , AquaPront® , Liposomes , Ivy , Panthenol , Chlorella , Artemia Salina

18,00 € Add

Eye Contour Cleanser Plus 100ml

Gently and effortlessly removes eye make-up. With hyaluronic acid and cornflower extract. Fragrance free.
A bi-phase lotion to gently and rapidly remove make-up from eyelashes and eyelids – including waterproof mascara.
The colourless phase contains mild oils that effectively dissolve colour pigments. The blue phase combines bio-hyaluronic acid, cornflower extract and panthenol
to hydrate and calm the skin. The formula is in affinity with tears and ensures very good tolerance.

The formulation is well tolerated and perfectly suitable for contact lens wearers.
Active Agents: Corn flower , Bio-hyaluronic acid , Panthenol

15,00 € Add

Eye Contour Cream Plus 30ml

- 24-hour eye care (morning and night)
- Effective against lines and wrinkles, smooths and gives intensive moisture.
Active Agents: Macadamia nut oil , Sesame-seed oil , Perhydrosquale , Bio-hyaluronic acid , Corn flower , Chlorella , Artemia Salina

21,00 € Add

Facial Tonic 200ml

Clarifying face toner with balancing and fortifying active ingredients, such as allantoin, witch hazel
distillate and malachite extract. DayMoist®, a 24-hr moisturiser, blended with Damascene rose essence, maintains the skin’s elasticity. Facial Tonic produces a
pleasant feeling of freshness and prepares the skin for further care. The vitamin- and mineral-rich seaweed extract revitalises and fortifies the skin.
Active Agents: Azulene , Hamamelis , Hydroviton , Rose Oil , Artemia Salina , Chlorella

18,00 € Add

Hydrating Skin Sensitive Plus 50ml

- Acts soothing, cooling and moisturising.
- Ideal as a make-up base.
- Absorbs quickly.

Active Agents: Aloe Vera , Almond oil , Shea butter , DayMoist® , Arginin , Chlorella , Artemia Salina

18,00 € Add

Jojoba Peeling 100ml

Gently deep cleanses and refines the skin’s surface with beads of Jojoba wax
Especially mild peeling with microfine beads of jojoba wax
to gently and carefully remove impurities and flaking from the
skin. Nourishes skin with betaine and sesame oil. The skin feels soft, velvety and smooth. The vitamin- and mineral rich
seaweed extract revitalises and fortifies the skin.

18,00 € Add

Tonic Cream Plus 50ml

- Particularly rich cream, for the demanding skin.
- Stimulates cell activity, gives the skin elasticity, suppleness and youthful look.
- The skin becomes more resistant to wrinkling.
Active Agents: Avosterol® , Perhydrosquale , Aloe Vera , Vitamin A , Vitamin E , Chlorella , Artemia Salina

16,00 € Add

Vitamin Cream Plus 50ml

- Valuable vitamin boost (F, A, C, E) for a better cell regeneration and balanced skin damage.
- Grooms the skin soft and gentle.
- In the winter ideal as a "cold weather brake".

Active Agents: Cocoa butter , Perhydrosquale , Safflower oil. , Avocado oil , Vitamin C , Vitamin A , Vitamin E , Chlorella , Artemia Salina

16,00 € Add

Vitamin Moisturising Cream Plus 50ml

- Helps the skin at various environmental conditions to a well-balanced moisture content.
- Gives skin the impulse to fight against environmental influences (radicals).
- Prevents premature wrinkles, softens existing lines and wrinkles.
- The daily vitamin boost for all skin types.
Active Agents: Hydroviton , Melissa , Grape-seed oil , Vitamin A , Vitamin C , Vitamin E , Artemia Salina , Chlorella

16,00 € Add

Wheatgerm Cream Plus 50ml

- Missing sebum is compensated.
- The cell metabolism is stimulated.
- The skin achieves a fresh, alive look.
- Rough, scaly skin becomes silky smooth again.
- Without preservatives.
Active Agents: Wheat germ oil , Wheat bran extract , Wheat Proteins. , Carotene , Allantoin , Shea butter , Chlorella , Artemia Salina

16,00 € Add
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