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Medical Pedicure

Your feet in best hands

Considering the mileage we do every day by feet , do we give the necessary care and attention they need?

With the most modern equipment, such as tillers, the sterilant, our education in Germany and in cooperation with the leading company in the sector of Medical Pedicure we quickly restore tired or wounded areaa, painlessly, efficiently and with particular emphasis on hygiene.

Who are our patients ?

  •   All persons having any problem at the feet.
  •   Diabetics, refmatopatheis, heart patients.
  •   Treatments after nail surgery.
  •   People can no longer pamper themselves.
  •   All people who want to have groomed and without pain in the feet.

Some of the most common problems:
  • calluses
  • hyperkeratosis
  • mycosis
  • onychocryptosis
  • Orthonychia
  • Onychogryposi
  • diabetic foot
  • Stretch Marks
  • Halus - Valgus

Candida numbers

     Did you know that:
  • The men's feet get "hit" 1.6 times more from onychomycosis than women.
  • 50% of people with mycosis complains about discomfort in walking.
  • The third is suffering from pain.
  • 1/4 ashamed of his illness.
  • Diabetics have a 40% chance of suffering from onychomycosis.
  • For those with cardiac and bloodstream problems, the appearance onychomikytiasis increased to 60% than in a healthy organism.
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