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Medical Pedicure

Our feet carry and support all of our body. Considering the mileage we do with our main transport , our feet, how much care are we giving them?
Joint pain, knee problems, backaches or hip pains might be caused by walking. The Podiatrist knows these situations and can implement treatments to eliminate them. Often you will need as Therapists of Medical Pedicure to cooperate with orthopedicians and dermatologists. Your role is critical both in prevention and in rehabilitation of strained areas.
Also as an Therapist of Medical Pedicure you will be able to detect an upcoming problem such as fungus and prevent medications for your patient which are particularly detrimental to the kidney.
You should be able as an Therapist to advise your patient that an Medical Pedicure has nothing to do with luxury but belongs to the active maintenance of our health.
Medical Pedicure Notes

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