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Gentle peeling, which relieves the skin of exess ephitelial cells and thus clarifies and smoothes. Extracts from citrus fruits and cucumbers are combined with natural lactic acid.
Active Agents: Lemon extract , Cucumber , Sodium lactate , Milk acid , Allantoin , Bisabolol

Apply evenly 1 to 2 times a week on an previously cleansed face, avoiding the area around the eyes and lips. Allow to act for 10 minutes and rinse off with water.

12,00 € Add

Jeunesse - Balance Cream 50 ml

It contains jojoba oil and peach kernel oil for a soft, smooth skin and a new type of moisturizer on honey-based. Balancing Cream gives the skin a soft, velvety complexion and is known as an ideal make-up base.

Active Agents: Allantoin , Farnesol , Bisabolol

Apply morning and night on a face thouroughly cleansed with JEUNESSE Cleansing Milk and Face Lotion.

12,00 € Add

Jeunesse - Blemish Swab SoS Essence 10 ml

Very effective product for acute impurities or stubborn spots.
Disinfected with shaving injury. (prickling!)
Hygienic use.
Flacon handy, convenient for travel.
Active Agents: Panthenol , Farnesol , Bisabolol , Mint eco-concentrate

Apply several times a day on areas requiring treatment.

10,00 € Add

Jeunesse - Cleansing Gel 100 ml

The mild, skin-friendly surfactants cause a very gentle but thouroughly cleansing of the skin.
Active Agents: Iceland moss , Panthenol

Pour a small amount in the palm of your hand. Mix with a little water and gently scrub your face. Rinse with warm water.

13,00 € Add

Jeunesse - Cleansing Milk 200ml

Removes in seconds thoroughly make-up and dust-particles.
Gives the skin a clear radiance.
Stabilizes the moisture content and preserves the natural self-protection.
The extra mild formula allows the removal of a light eye make-ups.
Active Agents: Oat , Cotton seed , Betaine

Apply morning and night in a gentle massage on face, neck and décolleté. Remove with cotton wool or water.

15,00 € Add

Jeunesse - Face Lotion 200ml

Gently removes residues of the cleansing product.
Revives the skin and refreshes the teint.
Active Agents: Oat , Cotton seed , Betaine , Allantoin


Using cotton wool, apply in a gentle massage morning and night after Cleansing Milk on face, neck and décolleté.

15,00 € Add

Jeunesse - Herbal Cream Gel 50ml

Improves the appearance of blemished and impure skin.
The skin has a more refreshed and matted look.
Active Agents: Panthenol , Iceland moss , Allantoin , Bisabolol


10,00 € Add

Jeunesse - Herbal Lotion 200ml

Selected herbal extracts countered by their bacteriostatic and regulating effect of skin blemishes.
Increases blood circulation and fights skin blemishes.
Completes the cleansing of the skin.
Is a special feeling of freshness and purity.
Active Agents: Fennel , Hops , Camomile , Melissa , Yarrow , Allantoin , Menthol , Camphor

Moisten cotton wool with JEUNESSE Herbal Lotion and use it to wipe your face and complete cleansing.

15,00 € Add

Jeunesse - Lemon Cream 50ml

Lemon Cream also protects normal skin with special conditions such as drought and cold.
Also suitable for young children.
Active Agents: Cocoa butter , Oat , Allantoin , Perhydrosquale , Medilan , Bee’s Wax

Apply morning and night on a face thouroughly cleansed with JEUNESSE cleansing products. Also recommended for normal skin during dry, cold periods.

12,00 € Add

Jeunesse - Peeling 100ml

Extra mild cleansing substances for poredeep cleanliness and noticeably soft skin. The result: soft, smooth skin with a refreshing radiance.
Active Agents: Allantoin , Konjac root


Apply JEUNESSE Peeling on a wet face. Rinse well with warm water while rubbing gently. Free of preservatives. Extra mild Peeling. Ideal for sensitive and acne-weighted skin. Perfect preparation for the following skincare.

12,00 € Add

Jeunesse - Skin Balsam 50ml

Particularly nice colour, naturally covers blemishes.
Lasting effect during the day, restores the balance of the skin.
Relieves blemishes and spots.
Not only balm for the skin, also for the soul.
Active Agents: Vitamin B6 , Bisabolol , Farnesol , Allantoin , Iceland moss

Apply morning and night on a face thouroughly cleansed with JEUNESSE Cleansing Gel and Face Lotion.

10,00 € Add

Jeunesse - Softening Emulsion 50ml

With betain as a moisturizng agent and oat extracts to calm the skin.
Active Agents: Oat , Betaine , Allantoin , Bisabolol

Apply morning and night on a face thouroughly cleansed with JEUNESSE Cleansing Milk and Face Lotion.

10,00 € Add
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