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 IPL & LITEC® Method
10 Years of Scientific Research on Pulsed Light (IPL)

The exclusive technology of the LITEC ® method is based on clinical studies and new scientific researches for permanent hair removal and skin care with the help of photothermolysis and RF radio.

The survey results are distinguished in the development of new technologies with the best results, compatible with all skin types and even for the most sensitive areas.
The LITEC® incorporates new lighting technology with specific features to an exact range of flash.
Intelligent software directs the complex system processes like high aesthetic frequencies and optimal treatment parameters as well by means of accurate analysis and application characteristics  which meet the conditions of all skin and hair.
The technology of  the Light-Tough System wherein the skin care is safest in combination with LITEC ®, the partial cooling of the epidermis with an sapphire crystal that directs light energy, protecting the skin from scattered light beams.

The handle shape is the result of calculations for the optimal energy detected in these dimensions (8 x 4 cm).
The optimum energy to 50 joule per square centimeter in combination with the controlled microcurrent technology, the Light Touch system and theLITEC® method ensure the accurate and permanent "destruction" of active hair follicles. EC means «electronic control» that is controlled electronically. A safe operation of the log in screen.

Permanent controlled parameters,constants and the flexibility of the operation system make it to one of the most innovative,high-end and efficient medical and beauty treatment machine.

The method is unique worldwide and is the latest scientific achievement for comfortable and safe care of both users and patients something that gives precedence over conventional methods.
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