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Activating Rich Day Cream 50ml

- Also for VERY dry skin.
- Improves skin elasticity.
- Reduces wrinkles.
- Wrappes the skin into a protective mantle.
- As a winter care for all skin types.
- A four-season care for everybody who wants an extra rich cream.
Active Agents: Beech , Wheat Proteins. , Lipodermol , Macadamia nut oil , Macadamia nut oil , Perhydrosquale , Borage Seed Oil , Avosterol® , Bio-hyaluronic acid , Vitamin E

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Activating Soft Day Cream 50ml

The high level of effectiveness is obtained through a combination of vegetal active ingredients from the cell tissue of young beech trees and high-molecular wheat proteins with liposomes. Borage seed oil with a high gamma-linolenic acid
content strengthens the skin’s barrier function and its waterbinding capacity. A highly effective, skin-like sphingolipid derivative smoothes the skin by reactivating and maximizing the regeneration of its structure weakened by aging.

Active Agents: Beech , Wheat Proteins. , Liposomes , Jojoba-Oil , Borage Seed Oil , Mango butter , Bio-hyaluronic acid

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AHA Fruit Tonic 200ml

Contains fruit acids (AHAs) from five different plants and a particularly active zinc compound. Acts like an extra-gentle peeling and ideally prepares the skin for the care to follow.

Active Agents: Multifruit Extract , Zinc PCA , Alcohol

20,00 € Add

Anti-Wrinkle Neck Cream 50ml

The skin-smoothing effect is long-lastingly reinforced by organic hyaluronic acid with hydrating properties, ceramides with an anti-age action and vegetal polysaccharides that form a silky, firming finish on the skin. The skin is smooth and velvety soft.
Active Agents: Ceramide 2 , Bio-hyaluronic acid , Shea butter , Wheat Proteins. , Mango butter , Avosterol® , Perhydrosquale , Jojoba-Oil , Cork oak extract , Liposomes

30,00 € Add

Cleansing Milk Gentle 200ml

Skin-like membrane lipids in combination with jojoba oil strengthen the skin’s barrier function and combat moisture loss. Quince seed extract, together with malachite extract has hydrating properties and cooling, soothing action on irritated skin. Our tip: Ideally suited for removing lip and eye make-up.
Active Agents: Hamamelis distillate , Jojoba-Oil , Derma Membran Concentrate , Lecithin

20,00 € Add

Derma Structure Pure 24h Lipid plus 50ml

-Without preservatives
- Very well tolerated, hypoallergenic.
- Rich 24h-care for dry skin and sebostasis.
- Recommended for neurodermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and diabetes.
- A night cream for demanding skin.
- Excellent as a make up base.
- Optimal care for rosacea and perioral dermatitis.
- As a premium treatment.

Active Agents: Derma Membran Concentrate , Macadamia nut oil , Samphire , Incense , Vitamin E

40,00 € Add

Energy Repair Care Concentrate Night

A precious peptide complex of active agents extracted from the beech tree improves the skin’s elasticity, while almond proteins help combat the visible signs of ageing. A high concentration of organic hyaluronic acid provides optimal hydration for the skin.

Active Agents: Bio-hyaluronic acid , Matrikine , Beech , AHA liposomes , Almond Proteins

32,00 € Add

Enzyme Peeling Mask 100

- Peeling without abrasive particles.
- Also suitable for sensitive skin ; e.g. with rosacea.
- Supports the cell renewal.
- The skin feels silky smooth after use.
- Gives the skin a clear, matte complexion.
Active Agents: Enzyme-Complex , Chalk , Allantoin

20,00 € Add

Eye Gel Cream 30ml

Organic hyaluronic acid and macadamia oil nourish the skin. Suitable for all skin types, contact lens wearers and those with particularly sensitive eye contours.

Active Agents: Bio-hyaluronic acid , Macadamia nut oil , Sabal Serulata , Ceramide 2 , Panthenol

26,00 € Add

Facial Cleansing Cream Foaming 100ml

- Gives the skin a clear, matte complexion.
- Also suitable for combination and oily skin.
- Removes Makeup
- Fascinating refreshing
Active Agents: Dragoderm

20,00 € Add

Facial Tonic Mild 200ml

Witch hazel distillate from the branches and leafs of the witch hazel shrub has a mild astringent, protective and toning action. Alcohol-free.

Active Agents: Hamamelis distillate , Betaine

17,00 € Add

Hydro-Active Fresh Gel 50ml

- Active moisturizer with hyaluronic acid and precious organic botanical ingredients.
- Mutitalent: as a booster among the day- and night care (active ingredients of the cream penetrate 10 times better)
- As sole care for oily skin.
- As a refreshing mask (put in the freezer 5 minutes before).
· Suitable as eye mask.
· As hair gel for the summer-wet look - does not stick.
· Matte and refreshing when applied to the make-up.

Active Agents: Bio-hyaluronic acid , Arginin , Hamamelis , Almond Proteins , Ivy

24,00 € Add

Lifting Hydro Mask 50ml

AHA liposomes reinforce the skin’s regenerative energy in the deeper layers of the epidermis.

Active Agents: Bio-hyaluronic acid , AHA liposomes , Wheat Proteins. , Sabal Serulata , Aloe Vera , Cork oak extract , Vitamin E , Perhydrosquale

20,00 € Add

Pro Lift Eye Contour 30ml

- Exclusive formula.
- Rich Cream for the discerning eyes.
- Relaxes expression lines instantly thanks to 'bio-active ingredient Lifting' (para cress)
- Lines and wrinkles are visible reduced with regular use.
- No preservatives, fragrances and dyes.
Active Agents: Bio-hyaluronic acid , Matrikine , Ashes barks essence , Vitamin B3 , Vitamin E , Paracress , Mango butter , Perhydrosquale , Allantoin

32,00 € Add

Regenerating Rich Night Cream 50ml

- Perfectly creamy consistency.
- The skin looks younger and smoother.
- Use as a base for modeling.
- Reduces lines and wrinkles.
Active Agents: Perhydrosquale , Beech , Shea butter , Avosterol® , Almond Proteins , Macadamia nut oil , Avocado oil , Liposomes , Mimosa Wax , Borage Seed Oil , Bee’s Wax , Vitamin E , Vitamin A Palmitat

30,00 € Add

Regenerating Soft Night Cream 50ml

A highly effective skin-like sphingolipid derivative smoothes the skin by reactivating and maximizing the regeneration of the skin’s structure weakened by aging.

Active Agents: Mango butter , Perhydrosquale , Beech , Almond Proteins , Shea butter , Jojoba-Oil , Liposomes , Bisabolol , Vitamin E , Vitamin A Palmitat

30,00 € Add

Vital Anti-Wrinkle Care Concentrate Day 30ml

Firms and smoothes the skin, thanks to the combination of wheat proteins with neutralized AHA liposomes that actively stimulate the skin’s cell renewal process. Highly concentrated organic hyaluronic acid provides maximum hydration. The skin looks smoother and more even. The pores are tightened.
Active Agents: AquaPront® , Wheat Proteins. , AHA liposomes , Bio-hyaluronic acid

40,00 € Add

α Immun Fluid 50ml

- Mattifying.
- For stress: strengthens the immune system of the skin.
- Especially recommended for late acne, rosacea, and as a lightweight men's care during the climacteric
- Has a sebum-regulating.
- Fragrance free.
- Preservative free.
Active Agents: Beta Glucan , 5-Alpha-Avocuta , Allantoin , Bisabolol , Panthenol , Farnesol

42,00 € Add
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