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Bio Action Mask 30ml

Refreshing, skin-firming instant facemask for all skin types.
exquisit Bio Action Mask for revitalising and firming tired and fat igued skin. The complex contains the active agents bio-hyaluron, cork oak extract, and vitamins A and E; which instantly energises the skin and gives it a radiant glow. Macadamia nut oil nurtures dry skin and makes it pleasantly supple.

Active Agents: Bio-hyaluronic acid , Cork oak extract , Macadamia nut oil , Vitamin E

13,00 € Add

Bio Relax Serum 30ml

The muscle relaxing extract of paracress instantly softens
the lines and wrinkles in the skin.
The skin becomes softer, more pliable and smoother. It becomes more radiant and looks consi derably younger.
Active Agents: Paracress , Aloe Vera , Liposomes , Panthenol

Apply a small amount to the cleansed skin every morning and evening. Allow it to soak in. Then apply skin care cream.

30,00 € Add

Cleansing Milk

Hydroviton prevents the loss of moisture and safeguards the skin’s natural protective film.
Active Agents: Hydroviton , Rose Damascena , Arginin

Apply on face, neck and décolleté in a gentle massage. Remove with a cotton wool pad, then tone with exquisit Face Lotion.

15,00 € Add

Créme bleue sensitive 50ml

Contains natural rose extracts and pure azulenes. An active substance of the liquorice root enhances its anti-inflammatory and
restorative effects. Shea butter nurtures and safeguards demanding skin. The olive oil derivative perhydrosqualene speeds up the transport of active substances.
Active Agents: Azulene , Rose Damascena , Perhydrosquale , Shea butter , Liquorice root


20,00 € Add

Créme rosèe vitale 50 ml

The most important hours for the beauty of the skin are the hours of recovery in the night. While sleeping the cells being replenished, repared and renewed. With exquisit you can support specifically the regeneration of your skin.

Active Agents: Borage Seed Oil , Rose Damascena , Ginseng , Macadamia nut oil , Perhydrosquale

Gently apply at night on cleansed face.

20,00 € Add

Day Cream with Collagen 50ml

For dry, demanding skin.
Collagen is the primary component of the skin’s connective tissue. As the skin ages, and as a result of sun exposure, what was originally soluble collagen becomes insoluble collagen. This reduces the skin’s elasticity and capacity to bind water. Native soluble collagen acts as a long-term moisture source, firming and smoothing the skin. We only use native soluble collagen of pharmaceutical quality.
Active Agents: Collagen , Calendula oil , Sesame-seed oil

Apply in the morning on cleansed face and neck. Also ideal as a make-up-base.

16,00 € Add

Décolleté Cream 50ml

For the effective skin care of the throat and décolleté.
The combination of avocado extracts, silk proteins and allantoin safeguards the tissue of the tender skin on the throat and décolleté, keeps it pliable and stops wrinkles forming. The skin feels softer and suppler.
Active Agents: Allantoin , Avocado oil , Avosterol® , Silk proteins

At night, apply evenly and massage into the skin in upward movements.

18,00 € Add

Eye Contour Cleanser 100ml

The colourless phase contains mild oils for the effective removal of colour panthenol moisturise and soothe the skin. The extremely skin -friendly blend is highly suitable for wearers of contactlenses.
Active Agents: Corn flower , Bio-hyaluronic acid , Panthenol , Arginin

Shake well before using. Pour lotion on a cotton wool pad and carefully wipe off make-up from eyelids and lashes.

14,00 € Add

Eye Contour Cream 30ml

exquisit Eye Contour Cream both give perfect round the clock care. Part of the morning toilette to instantly remove swelling
around the eyes – in the evening as intense care to ensure your eyes look fresh next morning.
Active Agents: Bio-hyaluronic acid , Macadamia nut oil , Sesame-seed oil

18,00 € Add

Face Lotion 200ml

The face lotion gives the skin a pleasingly fresh feeling and prepares it to receive the substances of the next stages of skincare.
Active Agents: Allantoin , Rose Damascena , Hamamelis , Hydroviton , Malachite extract

Apply morning and night after Cleansing Milk on the face, neck and décolleté, using a cotton wool pad soaked with lotion.

15,00 € Add

Hyaluron Energy Cream

Lycopen – an extract of the tomato – is a highly effective radical scavenger and safeguards the cells. Silk proteins make the skin feel extra good.
Active Agents: Bio-hyaluronic acid , Panthenol , Lipo Hy Parts , Lycopen , Silk proteins , Vitamin E

Apply in the morning on a thouroughly cleansed face. Also an ideal Make-up-base.

22,00 € Add

Hydro Active Ampoules 3x5ml

First-rate aqua-depot for the under-nourished and challenged skin.
Revitalising, high-performance concentrate enhances and stabilises the moisture content of the skin with algae extracts and acacia ‘collagens’. The skin becomes smoother owing to bio-hyaluron and extracts from the Asian konjac root. It becomes pleasantly supple and has a more relaxed and fresher look.

The concent rates a re used in addition to the normal
skin care. They are pure active substances with a herbal basis – unscented, and without colorants or preservatives.
Hydro active and lifting effect ampoules are also highly recommended as a spa treatment: every season, four times a year – use every day for 2 – 3 weeks.
Active Agents: Acacia Collagen , Algae extracts , Bio-hyaluronic acid , Konjac Mannane

13,00 € Add

Intensive Care with Melissa 50ml

Pleasing 24-hour intense care for dry and irritated skin.
exquisit Intensive Care with Melissa is the perfect 24-hour skincare for irritated, dry and very dry skin for all ages. With
its combination of melissa extract with panthenol and bisabolol, and a long-lasting moisturising factor it has a gentle soothing
effect on irritated skin. Exhausted skin becomes suppler and regains its tautness.

22,00 € Add

Jojoba Peeling Emulsion 100ml

Jojoba wax is a natural and very finely-grained granulate. This allows an exceptionally mild peeling.
Active Agents: Jojoba Wax

Apply once or twice a week, avoiding the eye area. Gently massage with wet fingers, remove thouroughly with warm water. Afterwards apply HILDEGARD BRAUKMANN Cream.

15,00 € Add

Lift Balance Fluid 50ml

Moder n cosmetology:
5-Alpha-Avocuta is a sebum balancing substance f rom
the avocado. It has been shown that the enzyme 5-Alpha-Reduktase effectively controls and hinders sebum
production and returns it to its natural balance. At the
same time, the active substance of the avocado has a soothing effect and relieves itchiness and tingling. Pre Collagen is a microprotein that is also found in the body. It stimulates collagen production thereby activating the natural regeneration process of the skin.
Active Agents: 5-Alpha-Avocuta , DayMoist® , Pre Collagen , White tea , Vitamin B6

26,00 € Add

Lifting Effect Ampoules 3x5ml

The concentrates are used in addition to the normal skin care. They are pure active substances with a herbal basis – unscented, and without colorants or preservatives. Hydro active and lifting effect ampoules are also highly recommended as a spa treatment: every season, four times a year – use every day for 2 – 3 weeks.
Active Agents: Paracress , Ginkgo , Ceramide 2 , Wheat Proteins.

13,00 € Add

Moisturising Cream sensitive skin 50ml

Protects and stimulates the functions of the skin, stabilises moisture content and gently soothes sensitive skin.
Active Agents: Aloe Vera , DayMoist® , Shea butter

Apply in the morning on a thouroughly cleansed face.

18,00 € Add

Repair Cream 50ml

Thanks to the light consistency promptly absorbed by the skin. Tightens and firms the skin, reduces wrinkles and acts as a long-lasting skin moisturiser. For a perceptible softened skin.
Active Agents: Bio-hyaluronic acid , Lipo Hy Parts , Panthenol , Silk proteins , Vitamin E

Gently apply at night on cleansed skin.

22,00 € Add

Rose Cream Mask 30ml

Moisturises and harmonises — for all skin types.
The Rose Cream Mask contains special herbal emollients and skin-soothing panthenol. An extract made from the petals of the apothecary rose counteracts premature aging by increasing cell vitality.

Active Agents: Arginin , Panthenol , Rosa Gallica

13,00 € Add

UV Day Protection Cream SPF 8 50ml

Shea butter smoothes and cares for even the challenged skin.
UV-A- and B-filters protect skin against the premature aging effect of the sun.
Active Agents: Silk proteins , Shea butter , Vitamin E


Apply in the morning on cleansed face and neck. Gently massage into the skin.

18,00 € Add
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