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Almond Blossom Cream 50ml

Throughout the entire day, dry and vulnerable skin is swathed in the protective shield of a care formula that is especially rich in content.
The skin soon has a relaxed and rejuvenated feel to it.

Active Agents: Vitamin C , Vitamin E , Almond oil , Calendula oil

12,00 € Add

Camomile Cream 50ml

Soothes the skin, making it velvety soft.
Strengthens the skin and helps reduce its vulnerability.
Redness and irritations disappear quicker.
A `must-have’ skin-care product in every medicine cabinet.

Active Agents: Camomile , Bisabolol , Azulene , Panthenol

12,00 € Add

Eye Cream 30ml

Prevent fine, dry lines and wrinkles. Protects the sensitive eye area from the harmful effects of the environment. Evens out the effects of stress (e.g. VDU work) or conspicuous creases caused by strong facial expressions and prevents premature aging of the skin.
Active Agents: Panthenol , Avocado oil , Sesame-seed oil , Corn flower

12,00 € Add

Eye cream Gel 30ml

Hydro-active, mild skin-care product for the sensitive eye area. Cools and refreshes. Soothes and eases the eye area. Especially kind to skin.

Active Agents: Allantoin , Aloe Vera , Hydroviton , Panthenol , Perhydrosquale

14,00 € Add

Eye Lotion 200ml

Helps reduce swelling. Ideal SOS product for a good start into the day. Soothes, eases and gives a satisfyingly refreshed feeling. Turns the time spent under a face mask into a special beauty experience. The eyes acquire radiance.

Active Agents: Corn flower , Bisabolol

15,00 € Add

Facial Wash Cream 100ml

Superbly refreshing, generates a creamy foam. Ensures maximum cleansing effect even for oily skin, make-up or extremely dirty skin. Due to the herbal base it cleansed even more thoroughly than soap and just as gentle as a cleansing milk.

Active Agents: Betaine , Panthenol

10,00 € Add

Masks 2x7ml

Refreshing Mask
Gives you that instant fresh feeling as soon as you apply it. Wonderful on hot days.
Revitalises fatigued and strained skin; you keep that radiant look (Hello, Wake-up Mask).
Activates the circulation of the blood and improves the absorption of subsequent skin-care
Active Agents: Menthol , Bio-hyaluronic acid , Ivy , Panthenol

Honey Lecithin Beauty Pack
Pleasing cream pack for improving the natural protection function of dry and damaged skin.
Gives an instant fresh and supple feeling as soon as it is applied.
The skin becomes soft and silky.
Quickly smoothes rough, flaky skin and increases its resistance.
Instant beauty treatment for stressed skin.

Active Agents: Honey , Lecithin , Wheat germ oil , Vitamin E

Regenerative Treatment
The special composition of active substances ensures rapid and enduring regeneration of the skin.
Fatigued skin gains radiance and acquires a more rested and even look.
Used regularly, it prevents premature sagging and wrinkling of the skin.
Experience exclusive skin care with this advanced intense skin-care product with its superbly refreshing fragrance.

Active Agents: Avosterol® , Sea buckthorn lipids , Lipodermol , Vitamin E , Kaolin

4,00 € Add

Moisturising Blossom Cream 50ml

Gives the skin a well cared and healthy appearance.
Perfectly suitable as a makeup base. Gives the complexion a slightly tanned radiance. Guarantees protection from the outside and gives strength and freshness from the inside.
Active Agents: Vitamin C , Vitamin E , Biobranil , Rosemary

12,00 € Add

Moisturising Vitamin Cream 50ml

Helps the skin adjust to external influences and maintain its moisture content.
Gives the skin the impulses it needs to withstand harmful environmental influences (radicals).
Prevents premature aging, reduces lines and wrinkles.

Active Agents: Grape-seed oil , Vitamin C , Vitamin E , Melissa , Hydroviton

12,00 € Add

Neck and Décolleté Cream 50ml

Valuable moisturising agents make the skin more supple and elastic.
Extremely mild cream base.
Is instantly absorbed by the skin and leaves no oily residues.
The film-forming effect gives the skin a firm, smooth look.
Multitalented skin care for décolleté, neck and breast.
The ideal skin care for demanding skin or for use following exposure to UV rays, during pregnancy, when dieting or during the colder seasons of the year.
Delays and softens the signs of aging.

Active Agents: Silk proteins , Phytaluronate , Vitamin C , Vitamin E

14,00 € Add

Oleifera Cream 50ml

The mildly astringent and strengthening effects of the active substances have a prophylactic effect on telangiectasia, (distension of small capillaries, couperose).
Instantly soothes vulnerable and irritated skin.
Shields hypersensitive skin against the irritations caused by the harmful influence of the environment.
Soothes and relaxes.

Active Agents: Green tea , Panthenol , Sage , Vitamin C , Interference pigment green:

14,00 € Add

Peech Scrub 200ml

Remove all traces of superficial epithelial skin particles.
Clarifies the complexion and purifies the skin.
Frees the sebum flow and actively wards off impurities.
The effective enhancement for systematic skin care.
The skin becomes softer and fresher and is particularly receptive for the next stages of skin care (ideal before using masks or self tanning lotions)

Active Agents: Lava granulate , Panthenol , Peach kernel oil , Shea butter

15,00 € Add

Regenerative Treatment 50ml

Prophylactic care for the 30+ skin.
Counteracts the decline in cell metabolism.
The skin becomes more elastic and supple.
The skin draws new strength from the herbal energy source.
The skin is revitalised, hydratised and smoother.

Active Agents: Avosterol® , Shea butter , Lecithin , Vitamin C , Vitamin E , Maize kernel oil , Wheat germ oil

16,00 € Add

Rosemary Cream 50ml

Perfect for skin with a tendency for large pores. The cream is quickly absorbed by the skin.
Does not affect the normal moisture content of the skin.
The skin appears healthier and fresher.
Also an effective skin-care concept for skin that is regularly exposed to nicotine.

Active Agents: Rosemary , Hamamelis , Vitamin E

12,00 € Add

Salvia Cream 50ml

Special intense care for distended capillaries and hypersensitive skin. Astringent and strengthening effects of active substances have a prophylactic effect on couperose.
Instantly soothes especially vulnerable and reddened skin.
Ideal for dry and demanding skin with a tendency to telangiectasia.

Active Agents: Panthenol , Sage , Green tea

14,00 € Add

Sea Water Tonic 200ml

Gently removes all residues of cleansing products
Refreshes the complexion and enriches the skin.
Makes it smooth and soft. Ensures that it is perfectly prepared for the active substances of the next stage of skin care.
An essential finish for a perfect cleansing process.

Active Agents: Algae extracts , Maris Sal , Panthenol , Hamamelis , Allantoin

15,00 € Add

Tonic Cream 50ml

Herbal concentrates reduce the effects of daily stress and enhance the nocturnal repair function of the skin. The skin becomes more supple and is energised; it has a more youthful appearance.
EMOSIE Regenrating Cream for a perfect start into the day.

Active Agents: Avosterol® , Aloe Vera , Vitamin E

14,00 € Add

UV Day Cream SPF 8 50ml

Prevents premature aging caused by exposure to light.
Ideal for people that spend a lot of working or leisure time in the open air.
Combats the loss of moisture and the vitamin complex strenghten the skin.
Reduces the appearance of pigmentation spots (Application: face, neck and hands).

Active Agents: Vitamin C , Vitamin E , Micropigments , UV-A-filters , UV-B-filters

14,00 € Add

Vitamin Cleansing Milk 200ml

Cleanses gently and thoroughly.
Intensifies the skin’s natural protection and ability to retain moisture. For a clear and calm complexion. The gentle way to remove eye makeup.
Active Agents: Grape-seed oil , Vitamin E , Panthenol , Aloe Vera

15,00 € Add

Vitamin Cream 50ml

The skin feels soft and supple.
The vitamin boost aids cell regeneration and compensates damaged skin.
The skin has a smooth look and feels superbly invigorated after a beauty sleep.

Active Agents: Safflower oil. , Vitamin F , Vitamin C , Vitamin E , Cocoa butter

12,00 € Add

Vitamin Face Tonic 200ml

Particularly mild in removing the residues of cleansing products.
Refreshes the complexion and enriches the skin, making it silky and soft.

Active Agents: White tea , Vitamin C , Aloe Vera , Panthenol

15,00 € Add

Wheatgerm Cream 50ml

Dehydration lines are quickly smoothed out. Compensates the lack of skin sebum.
Rough and flaky areas of skin soon become velvety smooth.
Gives the skin energy and vigour. The skin has a fresh, vivid look.
Ideal for face and body.

Active Agents: Wheat germ oil , Wheat bran extract , Shea butter , Vitamin C , Vitamin E

14,00 € Add
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