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This gentle, pH-neutral gel contains extracts of seven medicinal plants (chamomile, achillea, birch, horsetail, sage, rosemary and linden flower) to reactivate and reinforce skin functions. Panthenol (Provitamin B5) soothes irritations and prevents dehydration. A delightful way to restore lipids, thanks to active ingredients derived from natural vegetable oils. Soft, fresh,
floral scent.
Active Agents: Camomile , Yarrow , Birch , Horse-tail , Sage , Rosemary , Lime blossom , Panthenol , Softigen

12,00 € Add

7 Herbs Soap 150g

A blend of active ingredients derived from birch leaf and linden flower, and extracts of achillea, horsetail, rosemary and
Active Agents: Birch , Lime blossom , Yarrow , Horse-tail , Nettles , Rosemary , Sage

8,00 € Add


Thanks to its formula containing precious essential oils, calendula flower and vitamin E, it provides a feeling
of well-being, delightfully restores lipids and releases soothing balsamic notes on the skin.
It is an unrivalled way to totally relax after a stressful day.
Active Agents: Almond oil , Calendula oil , Vitamin E

14,00 € Add

Avocado Body Balm 200ml

Thanks to its complex with a base of Avosterol® – rich in
hydrating phytosterols – and guarana extract with a high concentration of caffeine, it activates microcirculation
(anti-cellulite effect) and durably hydrates
the skin. Nourishing avocado and olive oils restore
the skin’s elasticity and suppleness.
Active Agents: Avosterol® , Avocado oil , Olive oil , Guarana , Red algae , Konjac Mannane

16,00 € Add


For impeccable body and face epilation. Silky skin in every season.
All the hairs attached to the wax are removed at the root when the
epilationwax is pulled off the skin. The hair follicles remain undamaged. No more hair stubble from shaving.
Active Agents: Bee’s Wax

15,00 € Add

Vitamin Body Cream 200ml

Thanks to its formula rich in precious almond oil, vitamins A, C, E and F essential for the skin, and a proven hydrating ingredient. Bio-hyaluronic acid effectively traps moisture. Enriched with cacao butter, Vitamin Body Cream leaves a wonderful feeling of softness.
Active Agents: Bio-hyaluronic acid , Cocoa butter , Almond oil , Vitamin A , Vitamin C , Vitamin E , Vitamin F

20,00 € Add
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